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Clinton Foundation Received Unethical Donation from Foreign Government…Is Anyone Really Surprised?

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The Clinton Foundation recently disclosed that it had accepted millions of dollars from foreign governments while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. One of those donations violated the foundation’s ethics agreement with the Obama administration. In 2010, the Algerian government donated $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation’s Haiti earthquake relief fund. It is this donation that… Read more »

Chris Christie is Hillary Clinton’s Best Friend

Chris Christie Visits "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"

I like Chris Christie. I like listening to him talk. I love him with reporters. I even agree with a couple of his policies. He would be a pretty formidable Republican nominee for president. But he won’t be. He’s not going to win the nomination. But he will be a heck of a lot of… Read more »

So What If Michelle Obama Didn’t Cover Her Head?

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President Barack Obama cut his India trip short to travel to Saudi Arabia in order to pay his respects following the death of King Abdullah. Accompanying him was his wife Michelle, who drew outrage with her choice of attire in the ultra-conservative kingdom. In Saudi Arabia, women are expected to be covered from head to… Read more »

United States Eyes Leadership in 2016 Election, Who Should Emerge?


During the 2008 election, the United States was suffering from a bit of George W. Bush hangover. Eight years of war and a looming fiscal crisis soured the American people on the idea of electing John McCain. The alternative was, of course, Barack Obama, a relative political unknown who had spent a few years in… Read more »