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The American Voter: Progressive Stupidity

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The obsession for progression in American politics can sometimes lead to a progression of naivety. While as a nation, we should all want equality for our citizens in all aspects, the road to this has a lot of short cuts we are too willing to divert to. In the constant search for diversity in the realm… Read more »

Obama Vetoes Keystone and Boy, It Doesn’t Matter

President Obama Hosts NHL Champions LA Kings And MLS Champions LA Galaxy

I love the environment, and hate the oil companies like any good liberal. Trees good, pollution bad. But this Keystone XL Pipeline debate is not important. President Obama just vetoed the bill that would approve the pipeline that takes tar sands from western Canada to ports on the Gulf Coast. He had said that he… Read more »

Good Gay News

Ladies with son

Written by David Rackoff. Follow David @DavidRackoff on Twitter.

Democrat from New York Wants to Ban Machetes in the State Because Someone Might Get Hurt

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Meet New York State Senator Tony Avella, a democrat from Queens. He believes that machetes are too dangerous to own and has introduced a bill to ban their sale and possession in the state of New York. Under the proposed bill, possession of a machete could lead to up to a year in prison. The… Read more »

Chris Christie is Hillary Clinton’s Best Friend

Chris Christie Visits "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"

I like Chris Christie. I like listening to him talk. I love him with reporters. I even agree with a couple of his policies. He would be a pretty formidable Republican nominee for president. But he won’t be. He’s not going to win the nomination. But he will be a heck of a lot of… Read more »